• Image of Adventure Binky Blanket (bigger 17x17")
  • Image of Adventure Binky Blanket (bigger 17x17")
  • Image of Adventure Binky Blanket (bigger 17x17")

New Adventure Sweet Ruby’s Binky Blanket. Comes with two snaps (or one if you like) for hiking and exploring this summer. They are an adorable and practical way to never worry about dropping a blanket again while on the go. You can also attach a binky.

This Adventure Blanket is super soft Mustard and navy patchwork on one side with a super soft navy Minky on the other.

This is a 17x17" blanket, a bit larger than our normal binky blankets.

Use the ribbon attachment to snap a binky or toy so its always with child. You can also attach to a carseat, grocery cart, stroller, and more. It’s within reach for your child to snuggle yet won't get dropped or lost.

Made from the softest, highest quality Minky fabric.They are the perfect size, 17x17", big enough to snuggle and love, yet small enough to take everywhere and not get dragged.

Machine wash cold in gentle cycle and recommend line dry to maintain softness. But can tumble dry on low.

******binky not included*****

The Binky Clip is made to last, however, please inspect the clip before each use and throw away if anything is damaged. Buyer/Recipient assumes all risks and responsibilities

Thanks Sweet Ruby