Moab Binky Clip


Sweet Rubys new blended binky clip- Ash+Rust blended into one beautiful clip we call Moab.

Our clips are an adorable and practical way to never worry about losing or dropping a pacifier or toy again.


Like all our Pacifier Clips, these are handmade and braided from a soft Durable faux suede.

The metal clip has rounded end with a plastic inserts. There are no sharp edges, so as to not damage the clothing or hurt the child.


It's also washable!! Just hand wash with a mild soap and let dry.

Works with ALL Pacifiers but tends to be harder to pull through a soothie clip. (I'm working on that)

Sweet Ruby Pacifier Clips come ready to use on ALL pacifiers-Mam, Nuk, and more. Just loop the leather end through the hole or handle of the pacifier and your child's pacifier won’t get lost or dropped. Whats that? Your baby doesn't take a pacifier? Well don’t you worry, our clips are great to loop around a small toy.

Stylish and Sized Right

I've been making Pacifier clips for over 5 years now and these are a fun new clip to add to your child's style. Most clips are gender neutral and are made to last.
They are 7.5” long, perfect length to reach the child but not drag on the floor or wrap around the babies neck.

Packaged for Gifts

All clips come displayed on our custom Sweet Ruby Pacifier clip cards and packaged for gift giving.


Do not leave your child unattended with the clip. The use of this Pacifier Clip is not intended to be used for sleep. The Pacifier Clip is inspected before each shipment and made to last, however, please inspect the clip before each use and throw away if anything is damaged. Buyer/Recipient assumes all risks and responsibilities.

Thanks Sweet Ruby