Organic Rainbow Gauze Binky Blanket


Sweet Ruby Co- Home of the First Binky Blankets

* New Muslin/Gauze Binky Blankets are an adorable and practical way to have the binky and blanket all in one! Double Comfort!
* You'll never have to worry about losing or dropping a binky or blanket again while on the go.

* Each Binky Blanket is made from the softest Muslin/gauzee fabric
* 16x16”,big enough to snuggle and love, yet small enough to take everywhere and not get dragged.
* Use the ribbon attachment to snap a binky or toy so its always with child.
* Also great for attaching to a carseat, grocery cart, stroller, and more. It’s within reach for your child to snuggle yet won't get dropped or lost.
* Handmade in Utah
* Work with all pacifiers with a handle-Natursutten, Nuk, Advent and more. Other binky styles will need an attachment. Just ask.


* Our products meet the Child Standard Testing (in the process of obtaining certificate)
* Metal snap is lead and nickle free and has a plastic insert for safety

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* machine wash cold and line dry, no fabric softner to maintain its softness.
* can be dried in the dryer on low-medium heat
* one cup of vinegar in the wash works great to keep it soft.


* The use of this binky is not intended to be used for sleep.
* Do not leave your child unattended with the blanket.
* The Binky Blanket is inspected before each shipment and made to last, however, please inspect the snap portion before each use and throw away if anything is damaged.
* Buyer/Recipient assumes all risks and responsibilities.

Thank you for choosing Sweet Ruby! In business since 2008!