Shop Policies and FAQS

What are your Pacifier Blankets made from?

Our blankets are made from the softest, highest quality Minky fabric. Each blanket has a ribbon attached by a metal snap.

What are your Pacifier Clips made from?

They are handmade and braided from Faux Suede that looks like leather. Durable and super soft.  The metal clip has rounded end with a plastic inserts. There are no sharp edges, so as to not damage the clothing or hurt the child.

How big are your Pacifier Blankets?

The blankets are the perfect size, 14x14, big enough to snuggle and love, yet small enough to take everywhere and not get dragged.

How long are your pacifier clips?

Our pacifier clips measure about 7.5" long. In our 7 years of business, this is an ideal size for safety and sanitary purposes. 

If you would like a longer size, for a toddler or to hold a teething toy, we would be happy to make one. Just email us

My baby doesn't take a pacifier, is there another use for the Blanket?

Yes, our blankets are great for attaching to a stroller, car seat, baby carrier and more. No more dropped or lost blankets.

Will your Pacifier Clips and Blankets work for all pacifiers?

Yes our Pacifier clips are universal and will attach to all pacifiers.

However, our Pacifier blankets will not work for all pacifiers, some may need an attachment. Our blankets will work for all handle style pacifiers like the Nuk or any pacifier with a hole to pull the ribbon through. We do carry attachments for the blankets to work with all pacifiers. Just ask for one at checkout.

How should I care for my Pacifier Blanket and Pacifier clip?

We recommend that our Pacifier Blankets  be Machine washed in cold water and line dried to maintain softness. But you may tumble dry on low and still retain most of its softness.

Pacifier Clip-Spot Clean with a damp cloth only. Do not soak or machine wash, as it will damage the product.

My Blanket seems to shed a little bit, is there something I can do about that?

Yes, due to the fur like fibers on some Minky Fabric, when the fabric is cut the fibers can become loose and get all over.  Place on low heat in a dryer and dry for about 1-2 minutes. All loose fibers should come off.

Are your products safe for babies and children?

Yes, we use a non-toxic glue on our pacifier clips. And all faux leather is non-toxic and lead free.  And our metal clips are lead-free and have a plastic insert to protect the baby and their clothing.

Are the pacifier clips safe for my baby to chew on?

The pacifier clips are should not get super wet. I tell customers that if they notice their baby chewing on the leather clip to simply replace it with a toy instead. Let your baby chew on it at your own discretion. The leather is lead free, non-toxic, however, if it does get too wet, it can bleed onto the clothing.

Do you offer refunds and exchanges?

We do not accept refunds or exchanges. However, if there is a problem with an item you received please contact us and we can work with you on how to fix it. 

What is the current turnaround time?

Our products are handmade and ready to be shipped off in time for the Christmas delivery within 10-20 days via USPS First Class Mail, many sooner. Shipping takes a bit longer during the Christmas season, but all products ordered before November 25th are guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas.  Once your item has shipped, it is in the hands of the USPS and unfortunately we have no control over what happens from there. You will receive an email with tracking information once your order has shipped. If you are in need of an item sooner or would like your product shipped Priority, please email us at


The Pacifier Blanket and Clip are inspected before each shipment and made to last, however, please inspect before each use and dis-guard if anything is damaged. Buyer/Recipient assumes all risks and responsibilities.